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For more information about elections or voter registration, contact the Secretary of State's Office or the Texas Ethics Commission .
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Election Documents16 documents

  • CTA Instruction Guide
    document date none
  • Campaign Finance Guide
    document date none
  • C OH Instruction Guide
    document date none

Election 20234 documents

  • 2023 May calendar
    document date 05-09-2023
  • Election 2023 Packet
    document date 05-09-2023
  • Election May 6, 2023 Final Results
    document date 05-09-2023
  • Notice of Special Election May 2023
    document date 05-09-2023

Election 20245 documents

  • May 2024 Election Calendar
    document date 12-01-2023
  • Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on Ballot
    document date 12-14-2023
  • Internet Posting Requirements for Politica Subdivisions
    document date 01-25-2024
  • Notice of Drawing for a Place on the Ballot
    document date 02-20-2024
  • Notice of Election
    document date 04-24-2024

Election 20201 document

  • Candidate Election Packet
    document date 02-20-2023

Election 20223 documents

  • May 7, 2022 Election Polling Locations
    document date 02-20-2023
  • May 7, 2022 Election Dates
    document date 02-20-2023
  • General Election Internet Posting
    document date 02-20-2023

May 2024 Election Results1 document

  • May 2024 Election Results
    document date 05-04-2024